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Software Testing

We offer unique software testing solutions to reduce the risks associated with your software.


We provide customized training on Selenium, JMeter, ISTQB and software testing fundamentals


We offer consultation services on defining a testing process or improving the current process based on your requirement.

Software Development

Our software development entity will be starting in November 2016.



Our Software Development team really impressed by the quality of services received from PTL. They were professional and courteous in dealings, charged reasonable prices, consider minor details, suggest key enhancement to the project.

In order to find the APK file package name and launcher activity name we can use the “APK info”...
What is selenium grid? Selenium grid is used to run test execution in different machines, different operating systems and...
At Pragmatic Test Labs we believe in using lateral thinking or out of the box thinking that will help us to break the concept prison of old ideas and think differently for generating new ideas. The new ideas will help us change and make a progress in software testing and quality assurance.
We have a business development manager network across the globe. They will closely work with you to understand the testing need and will help us to seamlessly integrate with your team.
There are simpler ways of doing things if we make an effort to look for it. Simplicity does not just happen. We have a need to look for simplicity and motivated to design simplicity. Pragmatic Testers are for removing the complexities in software testing and making software testing Simple.
We are dedicated to create better and more effective testing services, processes, ideas and products for Software Testing.
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