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About Us

About Us

Pragmatic Test Labs is an independent software testing service provider for IT and IT enabled organizations around the globe. We have engaged with clients from USA, Canada, UK, Sri Lanka and Australia.

We are expanding our reach in the globe with value added software testing services. We focus on better customer satisfaction through customized testing services and introducing simplicity into software testing. Our global business development manager network has local presence to improve the communication with our clients. Our experience with wide range of software testing tools, technologies, processes and skilled pragmatic testers will enable us to understand your unique testing needs and provide customized, cost effective software testing solutions.

Our History

Pragmatic Test Labs was formed on the 13th of July 2010, aiming to provide the best and cost effective software testing and quality assurance solutions for software development and IT enabled organizations across the globe. We have a business development manager network closer to our target destinations.

We have certified ISTQB, ISEB and CSTE testers with hands on experience in wide range of software testing projects. We partner with software testing service providers, testing experts and tools providers to provide best solutions for our customers. We have built a close relationship with community and various IT institutes to meet increasing demand of our clients.

We are dedicated to introduce Innovations and Simplicity into Software Testing.

 Company Culture

We believe in potentials in each and every tester in our organization and encourage and help them to develop and maximize their potentials. The newcomers are groomed with customized training programs and they are given sufficient time to do research and become Pragmatic Testers.

Our organization structure helps everybody to share the ideas encourage creativity. The individuals are recognized and rewarded for their contributions in achieving desired project goals.

We have flexible working hours and even working from home model to utilize the time effectively for senior testers. Our customers are greatly benefited with this model as testers can attend the immediate work quickly. We perceive that “in 21st century the people should communicate than commute”.

The testers are encouraged to sit for certification programs like ISTQB, ISEB and CSTE. PTL will reimburse the exam fees once they pass the exam. Discussion groups are created to help testers to achieve their best in exams.

All testers have access to the senior management and share their views and improve the company culture.

We are looking for getting all employees’ responsibility towards the society and have a plan to organize various community activities. The employees will be given paid leaves to participate on community work without affecting the projects.

Our testers will get opportunity to work for different types of organizations, teams, cultures, tools and processes from different parts of the world and will get quality work experience within shorter time period.


To become a world class software testing company by 2020


Pragmatic Test Labs groom competent software testers align with the needs from the industry to provide effective and cost effective software testing services while reducing the total cost associated with the software delivery process.

Core Values

Leadership :  We have courage to build a better future for those who engage with us.

PassionWe are committed in heart and mind for the software quality.

Profitability : We look at profits as a means to develop Pragmatic Testers and the community as well.

People  Our team makes all this possible. Personal and professional development of our Pragmatic testers is important to us.

QualityWhat we do, we always try to exceed the expectations of our customers.



Pragmatic Test Labs partner with other service providers to provide better services to the clients.

Dr Travis Perera

Senior Management Consultant at Postgraduate Institute of Management

33Dr.Travis is the leading authority on Entrepreneurship, Operations Management and Measurement in Management in Sri Lanka. He is also a renowned senior lecturer, consultant and an acclaimed author in many countries. He has a profound wealth of knowledge on many areas and is gifted with a unique style of lecturing and mentoring that has mesmerized many during the past decades. Many professionals have been groomed and enriched by Dr.Travis, who aided them in building their professional lives. He is a remarkable individual with an astonishing sense of compassion and courteous qualities. He has produced many wonderful professionals to the world by being a great mentor, a friend and a father figure.