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Model by delivery method

Engagement Models

Pragmatic Test Labs offer flexible engagement models suited for individual clients. We will ensure your software is tested on time within the allocated budget. PTL will recommend you a suitable model after understanding the desired outcome from the software testing and other project dynamics.

Model by delivery method


We allocate a team of software testers full time for your software testing needs. A long term contract is signed with the client before deploying the team.

The clients have possibility of selecting the testers from available resource pool. Pragmatic test labs is capable of providing additional resources as required with sufficient notice period. The notice period generally varies from two weeks to eight weeks depend of the type (skills, experience) of resource required.

The client can manage the testing team members directly if a test lead/manager from PTL is not assigned to the project. This model is suitable when you have continuous workload for the software testers and projects are well planned.


PTL provide the software testers on-demand and charge only for the allocated time. We provide hourly, daily and weekly billing based on the resource requirements. There is a minimum effort for the resource deployment.

Additional resources can be deployed with sufficient notice period and varies based on the type of skills required.

This models is employed when the total effort for the project cannot be estimated, the requirement of the project is changed and the scope of the testing is changed. The client need to provide/pay the additional cost involved in software, hardware and any other cost associated with the testing engagement.


You will know the cost associated with the testing in advance and you will not have to pay any additional fee if agreed scope and the requirement are well defined and not changed with the time.

Generally fixed priced model is suitable when the testing scope is well defined and effort is estimated. You can use this model for the regression testing matured projects, UAT (user acceptance testing), functional test automation, Security testing and performance testing.


If required we are flexible in offering a hybrid model to different components of a testing engagement (e.g. Time and material model  for functional testing and fixed priced model for test automation ) or multiple engagements of a client.

Date: October 4, 2000