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Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Are you looking for a cost-effective performance testing solution for your web application?

Pragmatic Testers have extensive experience in using JMeter. We collaborate with related tools/services on the cloud such as OctoPerf, BlazeMeter and Redline13 to provide enhanced performance testing services to our clients.


We can create the scripts remotely from our office (or on-site), run the tests on infrastructures set-up on the cloud simulating users from locations around the world, generate effective reports to make informative decisions.

Our performance testing projects generally have following core activities:

    • Identify the Test Environment :  Identify the physical test environment and the production environment as well as the tools and resources available to the test team.


    • Identify Performance Acceptance Criteria:  Identify the response time, throughput, and resource utilization goals and constraints.


    • Plan and Design Tests:  Identify key scenarios, determine variability among representative users and how to simulate that variability, define test data, and establish metrics to be collected.


    • Configure the Test Environment:  Prepare the test environment, tools, and resources necessary to execute each strategy as features and components become available for test.


    • Implement the Test Design:  Develop the performance tests in accordance with the test design.


    • Execute the Test:  Run and monitor your tests. Validate the tests, test data, and results collection.


  • Analyze Results, Report, and Retest:  Consolidate and share results data. Analyze the data both individually and as a cross-functional team.


Our Performance Testing Clients


Date: September 27, 2014