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Test Process Outsourcing

Test Process Outsourcing (TPO)

Pragmatic Test Labs can help you with the entire software testing process. You can focus on your core software development or/and other tasks while we focus on desired quality of your software.  We can review your current process and come up with a new process or bring required changes to the existing process.

Our senior test lead/manager will identify the test objectives and project scope to plan the software testing project. Test cases, test data, tools, test environment, test scripts etc are prepared in the next phase. In the process stage we execute the finalized test cases, report/verify the bugs. Test results is collected, analyzed and required test reports are presented at the final stage of the project. We use simple 4Ps of software testing  process which can be used with most of the software development process.

PTL will identify the resource needs and deploy the required testing resources. Our team lead will manage the testing team. The team lead will seamlessly integrate with your team to understand the desired quality objectives and other elements attached to the testing project.

Our team has exposure to wide range of testing tools, process, practices and cultures. Hence productivity can be assured from the beginning of a project. A senior manager will closely monitor the project to maintain desired outcome.

We have customized scalable solutions to fit into your requirement with right number of software testers with right competencies. All the staffing needs are managed by PTL.

Our tacit knowledge gained from working with number of project is invaluable to our clients. When we work as a team, lessons learned from other project and experience are used for improving the productivity.

If you are working in a different time zone you can gain the advantage of the time differences. We can start the testing in our mornings when your developers do the releases at the end of the day. We will have overlapping time with your team to avoid any issues with communications. Pragmatic Test Labs has experience in capturing advantages in time zone gaps while managing the possible issues effectively.

Our TPO Clients

Date: September 27, 2015